From the recording Consider it a work of art

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Nothing here and there will never be
Smile and laughter
It’s gone forever

Once There was a spark in my machine
I tried to fix it
But it was broken

I spent my days
Looking through the window
I was silent like the winter

I Lost my mind
And I sold my eyes
It didn’t make me sad
But I realized I could never see you smile
Paint the world gray
I don’t need colours
Breathe again my dear and let me go

Welcome to my shrinking universe
I know you´re with me
At least you’re in me
I could travel on an endless sea
But I don’t want to cause I’m no sailor
I could have saved the whole humanity
But I didn’t need to
Cause I was no saviour

I know the song
I know the rhymes
I know the verse
I know the end
I have the strength
I can pretend
It wasn’t right
An accident
Join me now and play charades
Oh my lord it was just an evil plan
Didn’t understand
I didn’t understand

The higher I go
The further see
That the world is mine
So I’m going down

Leave me here I’m almost dead
I am the wine and I’m the bread