On September 30th 2020, PreHistoric Animals first concept album was released - The magical mystery machine (chapter 1). The story is based on Cora and Jareths diary; written somewhere, sometime in a world not far from here. Cora is given the mission to collect humanitys good and bad sides. Perfection and imperfection. Fear, happiness, greed and all the other things that make us human. She receives a box with a mysterious device inside where all the information is stored. She finds out that the world is dying and she is the only one on earth that knows except for her sidekick, Jareth who isn’t even half as brave as her. All information inside the device will be used to re-create earth somewhere else in the universe and they are promised to go there if their mission get’s accomplished.


Album details

Written, performed and produced by PreHistoric Animals. Recorded by PreHistoric Animals and Erik Berglund. Mixed and mastered by Erik Berglund. Keyboards on First we'll go to Mars by Stefan Jernståhl. Backing vocals on Floodgate by Arno Menses. Cover art by Richard Dearing. Released by PreHistoric Music Sweden.