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There’s a price on my head now
There are rings on the water
There is tension in the air wherever I go
There’s a ghost in my bed now
There are wolves in my house now
It’s a rough situation
I blame it on the black and I blame it on the blue
I can feel it coming I don’t know just what to do

Celebrate poverty
Poison humanity
Calibrate insanity
Make everybody suffocate

Maybe one day you will cry yourself to sleep
Find your true self and a place where you can sit and watch the flood
With people who believed you
Consider it a work of art
It’s like an exhibition
What would you do if you could do it all again
Would you seduce them
Would you help them see the truth
Would you win or would you lose, lose again

There’s a fire in the basement
I try to put it out with gasoline
I’m chopping heads with a guillotine
Oh my lord I’m a sinner but you’ve got a price to
I can’t deny
I wanna buy you and help you out

It’s a beautiful creation
It’s a piece of fine art
I pull the drapes and I look out
At my own Mona Lisa
I wanna share it on Instagram
I wanna share it on Twitter
I wanna share it with the Romans
It’s my beautiful empire
It’s all I’ve ever dreamed of
The greatest moment in the history of mankind
Mushroom clouds on the horizon
A great flood sweeping cross the fields
And I’m sitting here in my fortress of steel
Making plans for a new age
A new dawn, a new religion

Oh dad it was just a mistake I made
Didn’t mean to hurt you all so bad
Can you hear me?
Is anybody out there?
Hello, hello
I’m in my tower
On the top of the world
Safe but abandoned by everyone
Let me do it all over
I will do it right this time
Consider it a work of art