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A messenger was sent across the border
And silent men were dressed to kill
We will fight the new world order
We will sacrifice our blood

Rest your head upon my shoulder
I will make you strong again
See the brothers getting older
See the treasure turn to dust

We got stuck when we found the solution
We lost lost track when we realized
To spread hate is no good for humanity
To share love is everything

We found the stairway to the stars
We walked into a distant future
We saw what we had done
The spark had turned to fire
We travelled on an endless river
We saw the bridges turn to dust
I never thought
I never thought I was a monster

Killing everyone
Don’t even need a gun
Just say the same all words
Over and over
Hit between the eyes
I give them all my lies
The earth is shaking and the
Airs getting colder

I had a dream last night
I got it out of my head
It just my way to survive
Don’t wanna end up dead
Believe me I don’t wanna be here at all

It’s not enough to say I’m sorry
I did it all over again
I didn’t think that it was easy
I didn’t think that it was good

One day we saw a mountain
In a trance we climbed so high
I lost the weight upon my shoulders