From the recording Consider it a work of art


Different directions
It’s always hard to choose
The past or a distant future
Or change it all today
Choose the paranoia
Or embrace the possibilities
You won’t be disappointed
If you see a faded world

Oh, we’re lost inside the void
And we can see the door
But you won’t let us out
We don’t wanna stay and
We don’t wanna go
You say Run stranger, run

No, we can’t go on following
Psychopath men sowing seeds full of hatred and fear
We don’t belong here
We don’t believe
Lies falling like dust
Over the haunted buildings we see from the window below
Watch the tide sweep us away

I still hear the sirens
The echo lingers on
We never hear the silence
We only hear the scream

If you fly above it all
You see it so much clearer
If you see it from a distance
You know just what to do