From the recording Consider it a work of art

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In my garden there’s a portal
Where dreams are flowing out
I keep it as my secret
I keep it as my own
But one day came a ghost
And it made my garden grey
It took away the yellow
And it took away the red

I don’t know the right way to
The city of the dead
I will look for darkness
I will search inside my head

Patience is all I've ever learned
And silence is all I'm hearing
I walk against the wind I feel alone
And suddenly the world stops turning
I see it so much clearer now
Now when Everything is over

In the desert there's a fountain
Where the desperate people drink
We use it to remind us of the days when we were free.
But one day came a ghost and it made me understand
Underneath the surface there's a darker shade of gray.

A window is open
I slowly walk right through it
And follow the trail where everybody lose their
Need to control life
And every single moment
The weather, the little things that make us go insane

My garden is dying
All colours gone forever
But now it dont matter
Cause I can’t find my way home anymore